Our Commitment to Safety

NRG's management, owners and employees are fully committed to the highest standards of safety in every facet of our operations. 

As a construction company that routinely works in a variety of potentially hazardous locations, we integrate safe work practices in everything we do, from purchasing the safest equipment and properly training our personnel to use tools, to ensuring our people are safety certified in forklift operation, skyjack operation, fall arrest, confined spaces, the use of hazardous materials (WHMIS) and in first-aid.  

NRG safety at a glance: 

  • Proudly COR™ safety compliant since 2010 
  • We employ a safety committee that meets biweekly 
  • We have two permanent safety coordinators 
  • Insurance: General liability of $5,000,000+
  • In good-standing with Workers Compensation Board in all provinces 


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